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Our powerful context-sensitive search system helps you quickly list entries containing the book(s) you want to find. You can search for Titles, Authors, ISBN's — even search for information about what's inside a book. Each search entry takes you to a page where the book or information you typed was located. The higher the listing, the greater its relevancy.

How to Search

  1. Type what you're looking for in the search box above.
  2. (optional) Set the pulldown menu to All Words (default), Any Word, or Exact Match.
  3. Click on GO (or press ENTER) to start your search.

What to Type

This is a very forgiving search system. You can be quite specific, or very general, and still get meaningful results — even if you're not sure what books you want to find. For example, entering a phrase such as books on working farm animals presents a series of entries all relating to precisely what you typed. Don't be afraid to experiment!


To locate a particular book by ISBN, simply type the 10-digit number using the search defaults. If you don't know the entire ISBN, type the first part followed by an asterisk (*) as a wild card character (see below).

Title or Author

To locate a particular book title or author, use the All Words or Exact Match option. If you search for an exact match, enter the bare minimum necessary to find what you're looking for (otherwise you might miss it).

You can also surround all or part of the text with double quotes. This excludes other (similar) results. For example, a search for Complete Running Manual will retrieve many entries, since "Complete," "Running," and "Manual" are all common words. However, entering "Complete Running Manual" (i.e. surrounded by double quotes) will take you to the exact entry containing that particular book.

Contents of a Book

You can search a book's description as well as its title, author, or ISBN. Simply type what you're looking for as concisely as possible. Remember that the more words you type, the fewer will be the results.

Case and Articles

Searches are case-insensitive. Typing fiction is the same as FICTION or Fiction. Additionally, it is not necessary to use articles (A, An, The) as they are generally ignored.

Any or All Words

You can specify whether the results should contain any or all of the words entered. To search for an exact phrase, surround the term with double quotes "". For example: "oil painting" finds entries containing that exact phrase rather than entries containing "oil" and/or "painting."


You can search for word variations by using an asterisk (*) as a wild card character. For example: Typing quilt* will also find quilts, quilting and other variations.

Inclusions and Exclusions

You can specify that certain words should always be included or excluded by using the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols. For example: To search for all flowers excluding orchids, type: flowers -orchids. To search for paintings of flowers, type flowers +painting

Search Tricks

You can combine two, three or more exact phrases in a single search to hone in on exactly what you want. For example, if you searched for "Costa Rica", you would find many matches. Smilarly, if you searched for "Travellers Wildlife Guide", you would find every book in the series. However, if you typed: "Costa Rica" +"Travellers Wildlife Guide" then you would find the entry containing that exact book.


Although you can search for topics, these can also be handled directly through our extensive Browse System to jump immediately to a particular topic or concept. With thousands of well-organized categories listed, you're certain to be able to quickly find your subject of interest. If not, please let us know and we'll help you locate that special book!

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