Zoology & Animal Sciences

"Amazing Animal Journeys"

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"Awesome Oceans" series; With colour illustrations, glossary, index. Hardback, 32 pages. Size: 260 x 230 mm. Weight: 382g.
Author:  Bright, Michael
ISBN:  0749647469
Publisher:  The Watts Publishing Group
Date:  2002  (UK)
Readership:  Children Zoology & Animal Sciences

"Life Cycle of a Silkworm"

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"Life Cycle of A..." series; Part of a series that looks at the life cycle of some familiar plants and animals, the stages of a silkworm's life are explained through simple text and photographs. Every spread builds on information presented in the previous one. With 27photos, timeline. Hardback, 32 pages. Size: 220 x 195 mm. Weight: 290g.
Author:  Walsh, Fridell
ISBN:  0431084629
Publisher:  Heinemann Educational Books - Library Division
Date:  2001  (UK)
Readership:  Primary Zoology & Animal Sciences

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